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Who we are

We form the Etincelle group of social enterprises, which employs almost 200 people with health disabilities, especially intellectual ones.


We run cafes and bistros, have our own artisan bakery, several bakeries and a farm where we raise sheep, chickens, pigs, grow vegetables and herbs. 

In addition, we operate a laundry and clean the greenery and public spaces.

We are among the most important employers of people with health disabilities in the Czech Republic.

We are holders of the EY Socially Beneficial Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 award.

15 years on the road

For fifteen years, we have been working on a gradual change of perspective on the employment of people with disabilities. We educate, inform and pass on our experience.

We believe that where there is no obstacle, there is no handicap. That's why we decided to goa stepgave
and offer our experience to employers on the open labor market.

We help with the selection of employees with disabilities both in corporations and in small companies. We support both parties in gradual adaptation and break down barriers on the spot. 

People in etincelle
group management /the whole team

Director and Founder 

Jakub Knězů

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Operations Director

Roman Anděl

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Production Director

Michal Valíček

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Martina Kaderková

Marketing Director

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Bára Nesvadbová

"From my own observation, I know very well that if you involve people with disabilities in the work process, they gain not only self-confidence, but mainly the meaning of everyday life. And that is exactly what every human being needs.” 


Thanks for cooperation


We thank Bára Nesvadbová and her foundation fund Be Charity for long-term cooperation and support. We also sincerely thank all the individuals and companies who help us. Do you also want to support us? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you want to know more about us?

Listen to an interview with the director of Etincelle, Jakub Knězů, who was a guest

Vladimír Kroc on CRo 1 - Radiojournal.

etincelle group structure

Our journey began in 2005, when we founded the Etincelle civic association.

In 2009, we added the organization Startweme, ops  to Etincella, os

Since 2015, we have started operating the companies Mezi rádky catering, s.r.o. and Dělníci, s.r.o

The latest company to join the Etincelle group of social enterprises in 2018 was the company Etincelle účiltová, sro.


ID: 04562275

VAT number: CZ04562275

ds: 997bysn

ID: 27009106

VAT number: CZ27009106

ds: dy2ceum


VAT number: CZ28969839

ds: 3u5cvru


VAT number: CZ04562356

ds: wbsbyre


ds: 6ej7ypi 

contact us

Etincelle, a group of social enterprises

Dělnická 235, Kročehlavy,

272 01 Kladno

+420 604 400 338

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