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We have a small laundry in Kladno that can handle your "big laundry" with ease. We have been washing, ironing and ironing for five years and we love doing it.

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what we can do

We provide quality service in the field of laundry cleaning, especially for restaurants, school and accommodation facilities and wellness centers. We specialize in bedding.


In Kladno, Prague and the Central Bohemia region

we will arrange a pick-up for you. We will pick up the laundry, clean it, iron it and bring it to you free of charge.


We do not provide services for technical reasons

in the field of medical infectious laundering. Specifically, it concerns linen contaminated with biological material and used linen
in healthcare facilities.

our laundresses

People with disabilities work in our team, and we give them the opportunity dto show that they can be useful to themselves and others.
We therefore also offer services in the form of substitute performance. Want to know more?

Contact us!


do you want to ask something?

Roman Anděl

Operations Director

The operator of the laundry

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