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We offer a complete catering service. We will come to you with a stylish vintage food truck. Didn't you choose one of our packages? We also now offer "Experience catering".

Our team, consisting of two boys with a handicap and a work assistant Lukáš, will bring the ingredients and prepare refreshments at the agreed place, e.g. in your meeting room.

Everything takes place before the eyes of your guests, who can thus "use all their senses" to see what people with disabilities can do. You can look forward to, for example, decorating cupcakes or alternative methods of preparing coffee. Taste and help "between the lines".

coffee break

​Coffee time Between the lines!

Are you looking for refreshments for the office for a training session, a meeting with partners or a meeting for the whole team?  

We have everything you need.

Let us know and we will take care of everything.

for 1O people / 2490 CZK
Mezi_radky_catering_coffee break_duben2022_1900.jpg
Snídně Mezi řádky balíček
snidane all_retus1900_edited.jpg

breakfast between the lines

Do you like coming to our place for breakfast?

Treat yourself to a real "between the lines" breakfast, for example in your office. Sweet or do you prefer salty?

Choose variations from our package and the drink to start your day.

breakfast for 1O people
2490 CZK

lunch between the lines

You don't have to come to us, we will come to you! We will bring you a great lunch that you can enjoy with colleagues or business partners at your office. See what Between the Lines has cooked up for you.


soup for 1 people / 750 CZK
hot meals  for 10 people / 1990 CZK
cold meals for 10 people / 1490 CZK
our team


Eliška Maříková

Catering Manager

frantisek cb profilovka.jpg


Assistant Barista

petr OZP cg_foto.jpg


Assistant Barista

The operator  

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