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dog biscuits

with poultry liver & inulin

Whether I'm tiny or giant, black or spotted, hairy or naked, Štěksy, I really eat it.

My two-legged master buys me a sponge cake treat with chicken liver as a reward.

He knows it is healthy. It contains inulin - an additive that benefits the four-legged pets.


to zeru ruzova cerna.png

on my soul

on dog ears


nibbling barkies helps

By buying Barkies dog biscuits, you support the employment of people with disabilities.

We give them the opportunity to work to live a meaningful life.

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I want barkies!

I order comfortably from the bed
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náš tip

Ne-shopu Etincelle může páníček přihodit do košíku i čerstvé těstoviny, domácí pesto a kávu z naší pražírny.

I will send a master FOR THEM
Between the lines bistro_black_bis_V.png
People with disabilities participate in the production of cookies, 
therefore you can also buy them as replacement performance.
Bára & její smečka doporučují Štěksy

Bára & její smečka doporučují Štěksy

How do I look?



My measurements are:  3 – 2 – 3 cm

5 cm

I measure that much

2 cm

I have so much in my waist

7.5 g

And I value so much

And besides, I'm healthy. Why?

The steaks contain inulin - a fiber that supports the proper functioning of the intestinal tract and liver. It maintains normal blood glucose levels, benefits the heart and blood vessels, bones and joints of your four-legged pets.

do you want to ask something?

Roman Anděl

Operations Director

do you have your own store or e-shop?
do you want to sell barkies?
write us.

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The manufacturer of Štěksy dog biscuits is a companyBetween the lines catering s.r.o

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