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U Dvou rohlíků

In our bakery, we handcraft and produce various types of savory and sweet pastries and bread. We also have confectionery production. We only use quality raw materials

and traditional procedures.  People with disabilities work for us as assistant bakers and confectioners. They help with cleaning, clean tins and do simple bakery work. ​We also operate a chain of bakeries in Kladno and Slaný. We are most happy when our goodies put a smile on your face in the shape of a roll.


Our breads

We make different types of bread daily: Buttermilk, Old Man's, Rye, Crackling, Sourdough and many others.


We recommend trying our healthy long-life breads Be Fit and Vegan. They contain a lot of seeds, sprouts and other nutrients that give them unique nutritional values. 


Octopus has a crispy crust sprinkled with sunflower seeds. Inside is a fluffy pulp and a large number of sprouts and seeds.


Come and taste ours bakery.

Confectionery production

Chef Houcine Hammadi led confectionery production for twenty years in one of the best hotels in Prague. He now manages a team of confectioners,

all of whom have a medical handicap. Every day, dozens of delicious desserts are created together under their hands. 

We recommend tasting the excellent  chocolate tartlets, macaroons,

that melt on the tongue, and legendary pinwheels and wreaths.


To order, we will be happy to prepare 

fruit or chocolate birthday cakes.

I want a cake     

Become our regular client

Every day we deliver more than 60 types of honest bakery and confectionery products to our establishments in Prague, Kladno and Slaný.

We also distribute the products to approximately thirty customers. These include nurseries, shops, restaurants, catering companies and several homes in the Kladno region where people with disabilities live. Many work in our bakery.

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U Dvou Rohlíků bakery

TG Masaryka 1211, Kladno

T: 733526173

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U Dvou Rohlíků bakery

Vrchlického 1977, Kladno

T: 732428211

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U Dvou Rohlíků bakery

Dělnická 235, Kladno

T: 734585857

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U Dvou Rohlíků bakery

Palackého 208/5, Slaný

T: 734208111


Junkových 2870/3,Prague 5 - Stodůlky

T: 736188180



Barvitiova 934/2, Prague 5 - Jinonice

T: 734703608


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Barvitiova 934/2, Prague 5 - Jinonice

T: 734703608


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Looking forward to seeing you guys
Do you want to ask something?

Michal Valíček

Director of Bakery & Confectionery Production


Eva Babičková

manager of bakery U Dvou rohlíků - Kladno


Eva Babičková

Manager of the U Dvou Rohlíků Bakery

Which way to us?

The operator of the Bakery U Dvou rohlíků

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