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Image of a pot pouring coffee in our bistros
kavárník Jarda vás zve do našeho bistra Mezi řádky na kolečkách.
The baker carries buns from our artisan bakery.

Our mission is to support people with handicap on their way back to life. We are among the most important employers of people with disabilities, especially intellectual disabilities, in the Czech Republic. A total of 200 of them work for us.

We give them the opportunity to prove that they can be beneficial to themselves and the environment.

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course for coffee lovers

with our coffee master Roman Urban. 

 1,500 CZK 

Course length 2.5 hours / Max. 4 people


Order and pick up at any bistro/café Mezi řádky.

People in etincelle
management /the whole team
Jakub Knězů, director

Jakub Knězů

Director and Founder 

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Roman Angel

Roman Anděl

Operations Director

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Michal Valíček

Michal Valíček

Production Director

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Martina Kaderková

Marketing Director

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Bára Nesvadbová

Bára Nesvadbová

"From my own observation, I know very well that if you involve people with disabilities in the work process, they gain not only self-confidence, but mainly the meaning of everyday life. And that is exactly what every human being needs.” 


contact us

Etincelle, a group of social enterprises

Dělnická 235, Kročehlavy,

272 01 Kladno

+420 604 400 338

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